24 12 2007

Really, the hacks at The Age ought to be looking to the Indian team management with respect and anoint them as dooradrishti-varas with holy waters from the Yarra.

For there was this mocking tailpiece in the Sports section a few days (16 Dec) before the boys were due to touch down. Looks like the hacks were in the change rooms at the Junction oval for a hit and giggle versus some jocks and saw astroturf being laid down on the perfectly good change room carpet.

In response to some cunningly pointed questioning, the tradesmen ‘fessed up that this was done at the request of the Indians, in case they needed to practice indoors.

Har-har-hyuk-hyuk went the chortles, in fact the word ‘mad’ was also used-we are in the middle of a drought and the Indians are hedging against rain??

It is now Christmas eve as I click away, the state has enjoyed a good drenching, in fact the first rays of sunshine we saw in a few days were a few hours ago.

So, whomsoever the brhaspati in the BCCI who had the foresight to think this up, take a bow, taaliyaan, shabaashi, subhanalla and all other worthy compliments are yours.




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