Boxing Day

27 12 2007

Whew! what a day. Here it is, in little vignettes.


Wearing eye-disturbingly bright saffron, green and white on a wintry overcast morning to the train station had returning,bleary eyed, all night revellers rubbing their eyes-in pain I think.

“Off to the cricket are we?”

“How’d you guess?”


Our politician inspired chic was a one-of-its kind. All credit to our costumier Suchi. So much so the Herald Sun, ABC sports, Indian Link and South Asian Times snapped us and again.


The MCG with the re-built Ponsford and Members’ stand looks more of a glass and concrete pile than ever. But the turf’s sparklingly green. What we weekend park bumblers would give to dive on this surface. And Jumbo, Dada and Lacchu choose to topple every single time.


All the talk of the hostilities Sreesanth would have had to face had he made the trip would really have amounted to nought, given how outnumbered the Aussies were by the Indians in the old Bay 13.

Any time they tried to work up an ‘Aussie, Aussie, Aussie’ they were met by ‘bye, bye, bye’.


Really, it is time we came up with some original chants.

‘Jeetega bhai Jeetega’ is soooo pre-historic.

Any ideas?


The Telugu crowd had the catchiest cry, though it does not make much sense to me.

‘Goom talakala gula gula gula

Ooh ah ooh ah’


It must be the first ever time a streaker streaked (stroke, struck?) with an Indian flag for company. Wasn’t an Indian though as we are just taking our baby steps in liberating ourselves of prudery.

Next time the Indians roll around this guy may well be the first Indian streaker, the A$6000 fine notwithstanding.


Usually the crowds begin filtering away from around 4.30 pm. Not today. An engrossing last session, especially with three helmets crouched around the bat, ensured that the seats didn’t clatter back up until after the last ball was bowled.


It will be fun going back to work tomorrow and giving my colleagues some curry!





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