Day 3.

31 12 2007

28 Dec 07.

Refer this for details of the match.

My boss is a MCC member. He applied in the ballot for a table at lunch and was allotted the third day. We accordingly donned jacket and tie on a day where the temperature was due to hit 37’c and rocked up around 1230 at the members’ entrance to meet with his assortment of mates.

This was my first visit to the Members’ Dining Room after the refurbishment. As concrete, glass and steel structures go, it certainly is up there among the best.

There is also something to be said about being able to watch cricket in airconditioned comfort while sawing away on the sole vegetarian item on the menu, ricotta and spinach in a kozhukkattai shell, served on a bed of clarified butter (ghee to you and me) infused with finely chopped chives.

As you’d expect, this dish had an exotic French name, but I was not able to liberate the menu in the interests of this blog.

One is supposed to leave at the door one’s plebeian impulses before entering the hushed surrounds. Clearly no one told me, for, when Zaheer bowled Symonds I erupted with a cheer that would have been at one with the tricolour wavers in the erstwhile Bay 13.

If the MCC was a dictatorship, I expect I would have been taken away and quietly shot for this gaffe.

As Zaheer was reflecting on what might have been (it was a no-ball) and Jumbo closed his eyes and rested a palm on a fevered brow, I was copping it from my table mates-all Aussies to a man.

Let us draw a curtain, gentle reader, over this unfortunate episode.

Post coffee, we went out and sat in comfortably padded seats. This was more like it. We were part of the crowd, were bathed by the same warm air, were uncomfortable under our collar and ties, and got booed each time the Mexican wave went around. Perfect!

All that was required to complete the experience was waistcoated waiters in white gloves bearing flutes of champagne. However the MCG’s strict liquor laws prevented alcohol beyond the confines of the Dining and Long Room.

However all I needed was my coffee at 5, and surprisingly, they had run out!




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