Gut Busters

2 01 2008

A most hilarious piece by the Herald Sun’s Jon Pierik is here.

The Print Edition is titled ‘Gut Busters’ and carries the sub-title, ‘Lazy Indians on strict diet’ and spills the contents of a purported memo by Gloster and King advising the boys to stay away from fried food, chocolate, red meat, mayonnaise, Indian sweets and fizzy drinks.

It also goes on to say they will be allowed one day a week without dietary restrictions. This is accompanied by a picture of a steak and chips laden plate.

Damn, now you tell me!

If by inference, unhealthy food is all they’ve been having before Gloster and King’s penmanship, then it certainly seems to have done a fine job of keeping their waists under 26″.

The Herald Sun is always rushing out sensationalist tripe, however this seems a new low, certainly down there with Anshuman Gaekwad’s infamous ‘they’re on drugs’ claim.

I however have a lot of faith in Pierik. I am sure he will find further depths to plumb.

And as he does, you will hear of it here.




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