Just not on.

15 01 2008

Unfortunately, the racism message has not sunk in-even in urban India.

I received one of those mails from a friend in India with a picture of Symonds next to a monkey, drawing attention to the physical similarities.

This really got my goat.

Most Indians privately agree India is quite a racist, colour conscious, caste conscious society. Can’t do much immediately about the hinterland where these abominations are entrenched.

However one expects better from educated friends. To receive such a mail from a friend made me angry.

I let him have both barrels.

Maybe he is now an ex-friend.




2 responses

17 01 2008

Absolutely agree.Two problems:
1. Not enough awareness of the world outside. Like you said, not acceptable if you’re educated.
2. General superiority complex to “other” immigrants, coloured folk, Asians, subcontinentals, etc.

8 02 2008

Yakke, yeno barithailla?

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