Banner prose.

12 02 2008

There are times like Sunday, when unexpected wins are gained. These are indeed the moments we live for, hoping against hope.

 However, an observation, hopefully shared by others, is that memorable wit on Indian banners held aloft for the cameras is as rare as a Bangladesh victory over Australia. 

Lack of imagination, paucity of ideas and laboriousness of doggerel are more likely to be encountered. 

Living as I do in Melbourne, I can safely hazard that the bulk of the Indian supporters at the MCG would be well educated, in professions requiring the application of brainpower and also have a formidable representation of 2nd generation Indian-Aussies.

 Fertile ground you would think, for displays of cutting wit and wisdom. 

And yet, thought is noticeably absent. They either read “Chak De India”, “Incredible India”, “Kangaroo curry”, or variants thereof. To leaven the dross are laboured acrostics on Sachin’s name or long paragraphs on bedsheets.

Nothing near as original as the Aussie kid in Perth (if memory serves) over ten years ago who, once Sachin had crossed ten runs, crossed out the first three letters of his daubed sign that read “Tendulkar” and kept score till a century was struck. The camera kept panning on to him regularly through the day.

I accept there can be just the one Bharat Dabholkar, however should not a talent pool as large be capable of more memorable work?

Or is this a metaphor for the Indian condition as a whole?  





4 responses

12 02 2008

Poor punning, kadis and asadu jokes or potty humour are our forte. Wit is hard to come by.

13 02 2008

Thx fr the comment.

There are various generalizations about Indians such as camp followers and not trend setters, workers not visionaries. The IT boom notwithstanding, there is very little evidence to argue the contrary.

This is well encapsulated by the banner situation. The crowd I went to the Boxing Day Test Match with wanted to appropriate “Swamy Army” for our banners, despite that one being the brainchild of a group of 2nd gen university students. Luckily opposition was strong enough to snuff out that one!

13 02 2008

pochu po. if the swamy army had come out s.anand would have again accused indian cricket of being elitist and upper caste and provided more fodder for the sydney morning herald and other papers there.
bt what to do we are like this only. my sis who lives in sydney would have approved of the weak banner. ennatha sollaradu?

13 02 2008

The Indian Condition. Yes. I metaphor gobi manchuri the other day and she seemed to think so too 😛

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